Ashish Malik

Ashish Kumar Malik is a Management graduate with over a decade of experience administering travel & tour segments in Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and other regions. He earned his LLB from CCS University in order to serve society to the utmost of his abilities and experience. Ashish is a member of the firm's litigation division. In a short span of time, he has appeared in District Courts and various Highs Courts actively participating in drafting suits for partition, recovery, execution petitions, and complaints under Section – 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, Wills, divorce, custody of the children, domestic violence, maintenance, bail and many more matters.

Due to his familiarity with international travel, he has a comprehensive comprehension of visa issuance and immigration procedures, international commerce, etc. With these skills, he is able to better navigate international trade regulations, international logistics, transportation and safety laws, hotel licencing laws, and environmental laws, among others, and effectively advise clients on the most appropriate legal remedy.

Ashish devotes a significant portion of his practise to insolvency and bankruptcy law, commercial disputes, real estate laws, intellectual property rights, media and entertainment laws, succession law, maritime law, and a particular emphasis on financial disputes and white-collar offences. His MBA and prior experience aid us in addressing corporate issues and financial facets of business cases.

As an integral member of the firm, he produces counters for Writ Petitions, draughts, and responses to various applications, and conducts exhaustive research on the pending cases. He is a first- generation lawyer who believes that the legal profession makes one a well- rounded individual, as a legal practitioner must be cognizant of not only the law, but also everything going on in the world that affects one's decisions. Aside from law, he has a passion for the arts, music, and traversing the globe, and he believes in continually enhancing his legal knowledge. He is adamant that we should adopt our regulatory enforcement cues from countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This will not only make India a corruption- and crime-free nation, but also a country where conflicts are easily resolved. Ashish is an indispensable asset of The Law Codes.

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