Ameesha Goel is among our young talents and a graduate of IP University, Delhi. She has a zeal and passion for law as a subject, and her forte is family and criminal law. She seeks to complete all her tasks with precision and always tries to seize new opportunities to learn. A quality that sets her apart is that she never tries to stop being better at her job. She likes to research various legal concepts related to IPC, CrPC and IEA and follow the developments in the field of law. Over a short span of time, Ameesha has gained expertise in matters related to quashing, bail, transfer petitions, divorce petitions, and discharge applications.

Though Ameesha Goel has recently started her career in this field, she exhibits tremendous promise and is keen and eager to learn and understand the finer nuances of the law. Her main focus is to trace the roots of the problem which gives her the apt and in depth understanding of the issue at hand. She always brings finesse to all her legal drafts and channelises her energy in yielding the best possible results for the clients. Integrity, hard work and compassion are the principles she strictly abides by and she incorporates these principles while representing the clients. Ameesha goel holds a keen interest in reading in her leisure time and incorporates her learnings in the legal profession that, makes her arguments well-researched and pointed. She is also studying crime and criminality to understand the working of a criminal mind. She firmly believes in the reformative theory and aspires to reduce crime in Indian society by reforming the criminal minds for a better world and future. Ameesha’s love for the subject, combined with integrity and compassion make her an invaluable asset to The Law Codes.

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